In the summer, the pike becomes very fastidious. Catch it more difficult, mostly on the hook come across the squint. So one who wants to see this predatory fish in his net, must know some tricks that experienced fishermen use. Therefore, consider how to catch a pike in the summer to help beginners.

How to catch a pike in summer: tricks

  1. In this warm season it is necessary to catch it only for a small bait (spinning spoon-bait numbers 2 or 3, vibro-tailers with a length of no more than 10 cm, wobblers with a finger).
  2. Usually, at this time, catching fish (meaning pike) is conducted at shallow depth, often in shallow water.
  3. When to catch a pike? It should be started early in the morning, somewhere between 5.00 and 8.00 hours. First, it's still cool, which means that the fish is more active, it begins to hunt. Secondly, at this time of day the water is more transparent. Thirdly, there are no frightening factors - bathers, boats, sportsmen and others.
  4. Where to catch a pike? Do not be afraid to throw gear near vegetation. This is where the pike most often sits in ambush. The only thing that needs to be paid attention is to put the bait directly on three hooks, so that it goes into the water in a vertical direction. But do not overlook the place and habitat of the pike. These are pits, snags, stones and so on.
  5. More actively work with a fishing rod. Let the bait seem like a living fish.
  6. Look at the flocks of fry. Where they are, there is usually a pike. So this is a clear sign that she is somewhere near.

What is the pike fishing at this time? The ideal bait is mank. Although the spinner and the wobblers are often used by fishermen. The main thing, as was said above, bait should not be large.

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