Blindfolds are a Russian-made film that was filmed by the legendary director Alexei Balabanov in 2005 in the genre of black comedy.

Who played and where filmed

The plot of blind man's eyes is the story of onecriminal authority of Mihalych, who controls the drug trade in one Russian city in 1995. Nizhny Novgorod became the place where the film "Blind Man" was shot. Residents of the city for a month and a half watched and even actively participated in the filming of the film.

The role of authority is performed by the notorious NikitaMikhalkov. The other main characters are two young bandits, Mikhalych's "apprentices". The roles of young bandits are played by Alexei Panin (played by Sergei) and Dmitry Dyuzhev (playing the role of Simon or Semyon).

The whole film is based on the adventures of Sergei andSimon, who, every now and then, get in a binding. The film ends with an episode from 2005, where Sergei and Simon are shown in the role of State Duma deputies. They successfully manage large business. Mikhalych works as a watchman for them, and his son serves errands with his brothers.

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