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How to draw flowers in pencil step by step?

Do you want to learn how to draw flowers? We offer you three simple drawing techniques, we will draw pencil flowers in stages.

As a first example, choose one of the simplest flowers - a tulip.

Drawing a Tulip

  1. Draw a quadrangle (flower head) with a slightly curved line (stalk) emerging from its base.
  2. Make the first set of leaves in the quadrangle.
  3. Add the line-stem to the lines-leaves.
  4. Now, in more detail, draw a tulip petals, a stem and two leaves.
  5. Remove all auxiliary lines.
  6. Flower shade with soft pencils or paint inks, felt-tip pens.

Draw a carnation

Now let's try to draw more complex flowers - pinks - in a pencil step by step.

  1. Smooth lines indicate the location of the branches.
  2. Ovals show the placement of flowers on the branches. Let the central bud be the largest, opened, and the surrounding flowers will be small and still "asleep".
  3. Carnation
    Now start step by step draw buds. Remember that the petals of the carnations are small, with sharply outlined, as if rugged edges.
  4. Draw a stem. Remember that the leaves and sepals of the carnation have a beautiful curved shape, and their tips often twist into tight curls.
  5. When the main drawing is ready, erase all roughing lines-assistants.
  6. Color the flowers with pencils (colored or plain black), markers, paints (for example, watercolor).

Drawing a bouquet of roses

After practicing a little, take the bar higher - try to draw a bouquet of flowers in pencil step by step. Let's say it can be roses.

Bouquet of roses
  1. Designate with simple lines the arrangement of the vase, the outlines of the bouquet and (if you want) the bow.
  2. Now, using straight lines with circles at the ends, draw the arrangement of roses in the vase.
  3. Make the outlines of the vase and the bow more clear (if you decided to paint it) and begin to detail the petals of the flowers. Do not forget about the stems and leaves, the thorns of roses.
  4. Remove all auxiliary lines and color the flowers with paint or shade with a simple pencil.

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