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How to learn to draw portraits in pencil?

Portrait is considered one of the most complex speciesvisual arts. But everything can be learned independently, even with the technique of drawing a face. You just need to practice a little and everything will turn out. Keep in mind that the most difficult, but the most important thing in drawing a portrait is the ability to accurately convey the emotional state of a person, to catch his facial expressions, and to make the view alive and deep.

First of all, study the person's face, look,what are its features and characteristics. First, try to draw portraits from a photograph, it's much easier than from nature. So, we begin to draw a simple pencil portrait of a man in stages.

  1. To start, draw a thin pencil outlineface. Do not press hard on the pencil, as from the first time the face oval may not turn out the way you intended to draw it. It is important that it is symmetrical and smooth. If it does not work out, try again, and correct the excess with an eraser.
  2. Divide the contour of the face in half with a vertical line. After that, draw a parallel line just below the center. Note where your eyes, nose and lips will be.
  3. After you start drawing eyes, do not try to draw them straight away, just sketch the smooth lines. Begin with the pupils, mark the points of the border of the eye.
  4. Make a sketch of the nose, lips, ears, eyebrows and mark the outline of the hair.
  5. Then go to the detailed drawinghair and hair style. Apply strokes according to the direction of hair growth. Work on the hairdress - it's important that you do not get a shock of hair. To do this, use a soft pencil to darken where necessary and add glare to make your hair look more natural.
  6. Now start to paint the rest of the face in detail. Start the mouth with the lower lip. The nose is from the tip. Do not forget about eyebrows and ears.
  7. But pay special attention to your eyes. Spend a lot of time to draw an iris. After that, draw the eyelashes. Make the look alive - add some highlights.
  8. Then work on skin tones. Make a portrait voluminous, shading dark places or doing feathering.
  9. At the very end, look at drawing small details - wrinkles and wrinkles, if there are birthmarks, draw them at the very end.
  10. When the face is finished, proceed to draw the neck and clothes, if necessary.

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