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How to draw a cat in stages with a pencil?

A cat is graceful and gentle, she hasbeautiful eyes and always well-groomed fur. To learn for yourself or for kiddies to paint this pretty animal is not at all difficult. We have collected for you some simple but interesting master classes.

How to draw a cat: step by step instruction

Armed with a pencil desirable with morea solid lead, we will draw a cat in pencil step by step. The solid lead lines are thin, low-fat, and therefore they will be easily changed, removed during the work.

In the basis of the drawing we will lay the basic geometric figures: circles, ovals, rectangles. On them it will be easier for us to map out the position of the body and to withstand all the proportions.

First, we'll draw a cat in a pencil with a simple smooth wool and tiger color.

  1. We will mark on the sheet a head with eyes, a trunk and legs with the help of circles of different sizes.
  2. Connecting the individual circles with smooth lines, we obtain the outlines of the front legs and tail. Draw on the head of the ears.
  3. Remove the helper lines, leaving the ready silhouette of the animal.
  4. On the muzzle we will draw a nose and a mouth. In the eyes of the pupils - they can be either round, or very narrow, vertical.
  5. Now lines of different length and tilt will show that the body has bends, and the skin - folds. It should be done both on the head and on the body.
  6. We will mark a fur coat by tiny strokes on the lines made in the previous step. Our cat is ready!

Drawing a cartoon cat

If you want, you can color the cat with paints. But you can leave it in pencil execution, painting the picture with the help of the technique of hatching.

If for you this option is still complicated, try to draw a cat in a cartoon style in a pencil step-by-step.

  1. Draw a circle, dividing it into 4 parts by intersecting lines.
  2. Enter the closed eyes in the circle (our cat sleeps), nose and face.
  3. Draw the ears, the fluffy fur.
  4. Smooth line designate the body of the kitten, turning into a tail.
  5. Draw the foot.

By analogy, you can draw a cat and kittens. Then for the tail you will need to put one or two mugs, having outlined the heads of the kittens, and then draw the crumbs of the muzzle, ears and upper body. In this perspective, the paws and tail will not be visible.

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