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How to draw a bouquet of flowers?

The flowers are so beautiful, but, unfortunately, their beautyshort-lived. But you can keep their beauty for many years with the help of a drawing. Many artists at all times like to paint floral still lifes. If you are a beginner artist, then for sure you will be interested to learn how to draw a bouquet of flowers. Today we will look at the pencil technique of drawing still life. First we recommend that you read the following articles on our website:

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How to draw a bouquet of flowers in stages

You will need a sheet of heavy paper, an eraser, a well sharpened pencil, a ruler, a pair of compasses.

  1. Flowers are best to learn to draw from nature. Therefore, before you draw a bouquet of flowers in pencil, put in front of a beautiful bouquet. Make sure that the lighting is good.
  2. Composition. Determine the location for your bouquet on the sheet. Where will it be located? How much space will it take? Will there be a vase painted? With dashes, note the approximate location of objects - so it will be easier to navigate when drawing.
  3. Next, select our flowers - draw a few circles for the buds and from them draw straight lines - stems. Of course, this artist
    bouquet of flowers
    draws both circles and straight lines by hand, butif it is difficult for you to do, use a compass and ruler first. Be sure to practice drawing, to later abandon these aids.
  4. Begin to make sketches of colors easy smoothlines. You can get something like a cloud, but it all depends on what kind of flowers you are depicting. In the center of each flower, in a small circle, represent the core of the bud.
  5. Next, draw the petals of the flower togive it a more finished form. Look carefully at the real flowers, try to convey their shape. Try to avoid sharp corners, because flowers usually have rounded petals.
  6. Then proceed to drawing the leaves. Look closely at the original - where are the leaves on the stem, how many are there? Also draw the stems themselves, make them clearer.
  7. Draw a vase if you want to draw it. Glass is difficult to draw, especially since there is water in the vase, which creates additional glare.
  8. At the end of the picture you can add chiaroscuro. Where the shadow falls, make the drawing darker by hatching. The areas to which light falls, leave unpainted. Chiaroscuro will make your drawing more voluminous and natural.
  9. In the end, erase unnecessary lines, and your bouquet is ready!
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