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How to draw a heart in pencil step by step?

The heart is an obligatory attribute of a love letter. It is not difficult to draw, but often it is far from ideal. But having mastered the technique of drawing it, you can decorate your lovely drawing with your letters or notebooks. Below we will consider how to draw a heart in pencil step by step.

Draw a heart with a pencil

For drawing it is required:

  1. pencil;
  2. paper;
  3. ruler;
  4. elastic.

Stages of drawing:

  1. First, draw a cross from the thin lines in the middle of the sheet. remember, that
    a heart
    The horizontal line should be slightly longer than the vertical line, but its upper part must necessarily be made shorter than the bottom.
  2. In the upper left part, draw an arc. Then on the right side draw an identical arc. It is important that the second arc is a mirror image of the first. Perhaps the first time you will not succeed, but you can always correct their flaws by wiping them with an elastic band.
  3. Extend the drawn arch along the bottom left. Try to do everything smoothly, without scars, then the heart will turn out neat.
  4. On the right, draw a similar line, its arc should start from the top sector and go down, creating an acute angle.

When your heart is completely ready, eraseelastic band intersecting lines, leaving only the figure itself. After that, you can color it, sign it and give it to a loved one who is sure to be delighted with such a surprise. As you can see, it's not hard to draw a heart: practice a little, and you will get an excellent drawing.

The above method of drawing the heart is far from the only one. One more can be found in our article - How to draw a heart.

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