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How to decorate a candle?

Candles are an indispensable attribute of manysolemn events, starting from the wedding and ending with a romantic dinner. You can buy ready-made decorative candles, and you can decorate them yourself. We will tell you how to decorate the candles with our own hands.

Decoration with ribbons and lace

The easiest way to decorate candles is to wrap themsatin ribbons, braid or lace. For example, how to decorate candles for a wedding? For wedding candles, lace, white or beige satin is perfect. Candles can be wrapped in smooth coils, you can collect them in ruches or even "dress" candles in satin or lacy skirts.

For the christenings or the first communion, ribbons of gentle pastel shades will suit.

If you decorate candles for a romantic evening, then take the red ribbons.

An excellent addition to this decor will be beads and rhinestones. They are easy to fix on candles, if lightly melt the wax and simply press the beads into the surface of the candle.


A well-known technique that can also be used to decorate candles. When

Decorate Candles
Decoupage decorative effect is achieved by gluing on the decorated surface of special napkins with pictures.

The surface of the candle is heated with a conventional hair dryer andsoftened wax impose a napkin for decoupage. Then, the convex side of the heated table spoon, the napkin is leveled, after which the candles are covered with a special lacquer.

You can decorate the whole surface of a candle with a napkinor use pictures cut from a napkin. Decoupage is perfect for creating themed candles: New Year, Easter, wedding or Christmas.


Art painting can be abstract, ornamental or plot. It all depends on how well you can draw and on what occasion decorate the candles.

To paint the candles use a special paraffin outline. If such

Decorate Candles
materials you do not have, then use stained glass paints for painting on glass.

To paint candles with acrylic paints, theirIt is necessary to cover with a special varnish for decoration of candles and allow it to dry. Alternatively, wipe the surface of the candle with alcohol, and add a little liquid detergent to the paint.

Now, knowing how to decorate candles with ribbons,beads, pictures or paints, try any of the decor techniques in practice. And if you like not only to decorate candles, but even to engage in decorating, then read about how you yourself can make other jewelry.

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