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How to draw a beautiful picture?

You can learn to draw almost anypeople, you need to try to comprehend artistic skills. Next, you need to choose the method that best suits you, and begin by your own experience to learn how to beautifully draw a picture in order to obtain positive feedback about your work.

How to draw a beautiful picture of different techniques

The very first technique, which is easiestto master is to make drawings in simple pencil: they can beautifully paint portraits, landscapes and other types of paintings. This is possible even if the person has never painted before.

Pencil sketches are also the basis forimages of color paintings: they are made before the application of oil, watercolor and gouache paints. On pencil sketches it is easier to draw wax and oil crayons or usual color pencils. In this case, the strokes with a simple pencil need to be made very light, so that later they are not visible on the finished picture.

How to draw different objects with a pencil

Drawing with a pencil is the first step in drawing almost any picture. Therefore, in order to create artistic masterpieces, you must first learn how to paint beautiful drawings in pencil.

For example, how beautiful to draw a rose in pencil? Do this in stages:

  • First, the contours of the bud and the "legs" of the flower are depicted;
  • Then, in the central part, paint an undisclosed part of the bud;
  • After that, they are depicted along the periphery of the rose petals, they should, as it were, encircle, "embrace" the central part of the bud;
  • After the sketches are made, you can more carefully draw all the parts of the flower. Then they start drawing a stem with leaves: they are guided with more distinct lines.

This scheme can be beautifully drawn in pencillike a rose, and any other flower. Having painted a bouquet, and having issued, for example, a vase and a backdrop, you can get a picture that will only need to be painted. More practical tips on drawing techniques can be found in our section: Drawing.

Beautifully draw letters as a pencil, andany other technique is simpler than portraits or landscapes, since in this case one can give vent to fantasy. For a drawing, it's enough simply to depict "standard" letters and already on their basis to make any "fancy" letters. They can be geometric, round, with monograms, etc.

Portraits in pencil

Portraits can also be performed with a simple pencil. Most often portraits

Draw from photos or from nature. Thus, for example, you can beautifully draw a pencil to your mother.

Drawing is also performed in stages

  • At first light strokes suggest the outlines of the head, hairstyles;
  • Then draw a picture: where and what details should be present (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.);
  • When the sketch is ready, the drawing is made clearer, suggesting shadows, mimic wrinkles and skin folds that give the person the right expression.

Tips for using other drawing techniques can be found in our article How to draw a picture.

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