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How to draw a flower in pencil?

The picture with the image of a flower is diverse anddecorate your interior. It seems that it is easier to draw a daisy than a flower. But very few people know how to depict it so that it looks natural. How to draw a beautiful flower in pencil, you will learn from our lesson.

Flower Creation

  1. Draw the reference lines. Thanks to them you will be able to withstand the proportions of the picture and correctly arrange its elements. A small circle is the middle of the daisy, from which the line-stem leaves. The circle should be slightly sloping to the right and flattened from the sides.
  2. Around the first circle draw another, but a larger diameter. It will serve as the border of the flower petals.
  3. Now go to the drawing of the petals. In this chamomile petals are not in one row, as often draw a flower, but in a few. The upper and lower petals are drawn vertically, and the lateral ones are slightly bent downwards. Do not try to depict all the petals of the same size - so your daisy will immediately become a kind of fake flower. To prevent this from happening, the lower row of petals is drawn larger than the top. Orienting on the supporting line, thicken the stem.
  4. Dorisovyvaem two leaves - so the daisy will look natural.
    We erase all the reference lines. If you decided to paint a flower only with a simple pencil, then at the same stage, we put a shadow on the picture. Darkened should be the edges of the petals, the left edge of the stem and leaves. Middle daisy sketches around the edges of "curly" shading. To do this, apply a lot of small "curls" along its periphery. Slightly darken the center of the middle to create a deepening effect.
  5. But the color chamomile will look more beautiful. Carefully darken the gray pencil edges of the petals, and apply some longitudinal lines. We paint the middle orange-yellow color. A darker shade draws tiny specks along the edges. The deepening is filled with a dark brown color and we draw a bright zone. The leaves and the stem are also first colored with the base green color, and then by a darker shade we designate the contours, shadows and veins.

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