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How to draw a dog in stages with a pencil?

There is a huge variety of dog breeds. Each has its own body proportions, its color, the nature of the hairline. We show you how to quickly and easily draw different dogs, knowing the basic principles of creating a drawing.

At the very beginning we will draw a dogpencil with a hard lead (2H, 3H). It is good because it leaves light lines, which then can be easily removed or slightly modified. Only work with such a tool neatly - with excessive pressure, a hard sharp knife can scratch or even tear the paper.

Also, we need a good eraser and the usuallandscape paper. If you plan to paint a ready-made drawing, for example, with watercolor or markers, then choose the sheets that are suitable for this type of work.

How to Draw a Dog: Instructions

First, we suggest that you try to draw a cartoon-like dog in pencil step by step.

  1. Dog
    Draw a circle (head) and an oval (trunk) that touch each other. Draw a line in the circle. Thanks to such ancillary details, it will be easy for you to draw a dog of any breed.
  2. Then start painting the head and face. Make the dog a big hanging ears, round cute eyes with eyebrows "house." Do not forget about the nose and mouth.
  3. After this, proceed to the trunk: first the first two paws, then - the other, the tail.
  4. Clean the finished drawing from the auxiliary lines. You can shade a dog with a pencil or paint it with felt-tip pens.

You can also try to draw a puppy from the m / f "101

the Dalmatian ". Make him mischievous big eyes and a cute raised eye. Do not forget about the pendant around your neck.

Now we will complicate the task and try in stagesdraw a dog in a pencil with a pencil. At first you can also stop at the animated style - this will free you from having to make a drawing as realistic as possible. And the smoothest breeds will be the easiest to work with.

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