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How to draw animals?

It is easiest to learn how to represent various pictures on paper with a pencil. Therefore, drawing animals for beginners is best this way.

How to draw animals in simple pencil

To begin drawing it is necessary from an outline of simple forms of an animal (this technique will approach for drawing of any kind of an animal). Consider drawing on the example of a cat:

  • First, contours of the head, trunk, paws andtail, as soon as it is determined where the eyes, the nose and the ears of the animal will be located. It is important to designate all important lines, because around them you will only need to finish the details, so this technique is very easy to draw both pets and any other;
  • When the outline of the animal's body is drawn, you need to remove the extra lines using the eraser;
  • Cat
    After that, you only need to detail the picture: draw the muzzle, ears, paws, tail;
  • When the clearer lines are applied, it remains to draw the coat of the animal, as well as the shadows that make the cat's drawing more "alive";
  • If there is a desire, you can paint the picture with the help of colored pencils or wax crayons.

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Children's drawings of animals

Teaching technique for children, how to drawanimals, will be next. You can take for the prototype of any "cartoon" hero - the cat Leopold, crocodile Geno, etc., or draw a picture from a children's book. Unlike real animals, these characters are easier to draw, because you can also give vent to fantasy and do not keep the proportions. Also a cartoon hero can be painted on your own.

But the basic technique of drawing is approximately the same as described above:


  • At first light contours of the head, trunk, paws and other important parts are drawn;
  • The muzzle of a fairy-tale animal can bearbitrary: the shape of the eyes, nose and mouth can come up. Most often, children are accustomed to humanizing the features of animal muzzles - to make big eyes, draw smiles, etc.

So you can draw as anime animals,and the characters of Disney and other cartoons. The peculiarity of drawing anime - very large eyes to draw these "specific" animals, it is best to have a picture in front of you to know how they should look.

Learn how to draw animals, as well as perform any other drawings, is best from the simplest figures, especially if the artist is just beginning to master the art of drawing.

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