Drawing is one way of expressing knowledgeand thoughts. At the same time, such a creative process has a beneficial effect on overall development. That's why drawing is taught as a child. But to draw a beautiful drawing with a simple pencil is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Step-by-step instructions, listed below, and a little practice will help pencil. For more information on drawing, see Drawing.

How to draw a rose in pencil

The most popular flower is a rose, somany are trying to draw it in pencil. Meanwhile, for the majority of the first experience is not very successful. But if you show patience, you can learn how to draw a rose in simple pencil in just 5 minutes. To do this, it is enough to perform the following steps step-by-step:

  1. depict a circle from which to lower the stem down, and then draw an oval
    rose flower
    just above the circle;
  2. The oval and the circle are joined at the sides by wavy lines. Next draw two more similar lines, emanating from the circle in the sides, which in the future will be petals;
  3. paint the leaves to the stem;
  4. accurately depict the spiral inside the oval, as well as wavy lines to draw petals.

After this, carefully draw a sketch of a rose,Add to the stalk spikes, make the leaves embossed and at the end of the whole eraser remove the extra lines. And if you create several such flowers, you can get a whole bouquet.

How to draw a kitten in pencil

Of course, the greatest interest in children is drawing animals. With a simple pencil, you can easily depict a cute kitten. The drawing process includes the following steps:

  1. draw an arc - this will be the upper part of the head. Then along the edges of this line draw the ears in the form of triangles, and they should be quite far apart;
  2. create an oval by connecting the ears to the bottom edge, while making some concavity to simulate the cheek on the left;
  3. note the kitten's eyes in the form of buttons. They should be on the same horizontal line;
  4. to paint a miniature spout and from it with the arcs of the arch, after which to depict the mustache. On this muzzle the kitten can be considered complete;
  5. from the line of the head just below the eye, draw an incomplete oval and outline the contours of the legs. This allows you to orient yourself correctly whether they are located.

Then finally draw the body, paws and,of course, do not forget about another important detail - the tail. If you draw a playful kitten, it's better to portray it as a "pipe", and also add a pattern on the paws and back.

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