Sometimes it happens that by switching channels, you finda very interesting film and look it through. After a while, you want to see it again, and the names either do not know, or do not remember. In this case, you can try to look for a film on the subject or a brief description. Let's talk about how to find a film by description.

In order to find the film you are interested in, you can use the following search options:

  • forums of film enthusiasts;
  • movie sites;
  • the main characters and actors;
  • social networks;
  • archives of TV channels.

Forums of film enthusiasts

In order to find the name of the film by description,you can go to a specialized forum for movie lovers, for example, on the site First you need to register on the site and create a topic in which to describe everything that you remember about the movie. If one of the visitors finds out the film, he will certainly write the answer.

Movie Sites

Sites on which movies are collected can alsohelp with finding a movie. In the search, you must specify, for example, the genre, the name of the main character or the keyword from the movie. You can use the site or

The main characters and actors

If you remember the main characters or actors,who played in the movie, in the search box, indicate their names and the approximate genre of the film. Also, if a famous actor plays in the film, you can find the Wikipedia page devoted to it and look in the "Filmography" section, where there will be a list of films in which the actor was shot. Surely among them will be the one that you are looking for.

Social networks

In the event that you do not know where to find the film,and none of the above options have not helped you, you can use social networks. Place the ad on your page or in the status so that your friends and acquaintances will see it. You can also find it through the group search, in which people discuss the movie - there you can help find out the name of the movie you like.

Archives of TV channels

If you recently watched a movie oncable television, then you can find it by looking in the program schedule. To do this, remember the day and the television channel, which broadcast the film, go to the movie company's website, watch the program and determine the film.

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