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How to draw a teddy bear in stages?

If you have already read the article: How to draw a bear cub and you wanted to draw something more creative, but you are not ready for the lesson How to draw a bear, then this page is for you. This lesson is for those who want to know how to draw the original darning bear, drawing it in stages with a pencil.

Stages of work

  1. You will start with your head from the head of the bears. To do this, you need
    draw a circle, the upper part of which will not be even, but in the form of a small uneven zigzag.
  2. Now go to the creation of the muzzle. First draw a nose and mouth with a pencil. The outline of the eyes is made more oily, but still leave the middle uncapped. Note that the left eye is not just on the muzzle, but hangs on the string. At the same stage of the work we draw a contour of the ears.
  3. bear
    The next step is to draw the details of the ears, includingincluding a line of stitches. The same darned holes should be drawn in two places on the muzzle. The dotted line crosses the top of the bear's face in the middle. On the top of the head, above the unevenness of the head's oval, you should draw a thin, twisted line, which will represent a synthon knocked out of the hole.
  4. Let's move on to drawing the other parts of the bear. The easiest way to begin with
    contour of the trunk, front paws and right paw. All external lines should be approximately the same thickness (thicker than the outer lines of the elements).
  5. At the last stage you draw a left paw thatis set aside. On it, as on the right foot, it is necessary to draw "heels" and "fingers". On the left and on the front paws also there are repaired stitches, and on the abdomen the dotted line continues, which was started on the head.
  6. The drawing is ready! Now if you want, you can color it.

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