Sometimes, we go by car, we go around the city andlisten to songs on the radio. Often like the song I want to hear again. How do you know what was playing on the radio? Today we will tell you how to search for song names and performers' names on popular radio stations and on other Internet resources.

Note that playlists of a huge number of radio stations can easily be found on the Internet with the help of the following resources:

  • Sea radio
  • Listen radio
  • Radioskan

And now we will instruct you in more detail on finding your favorite songs on the example of three popular radio stations.

What was playing on the radio "Record"

  1. We remember the time when we hear a favorite song.
  2. We go to the entertainment portal "Sea Radio", namely to the playlist of the radio "Record".
  3. We choose the date and search for the time of our song.

In addition, if you hear the right melody right now, the quickest way to find out what is playing on the radio is now on its website.

  1. We look at the website of the radio "Record".
  2. In the upper left we find the inscription "Record online", and next there is a song on the air.

What was playing on the radio "Europe Plus"

  1. We look at the clock, remember the time when the composition we need is playing.
  2. We go to the website of the radio "Europe Plus".
  3. We see that the second line from the top with a running line is the name of the song and the artist's name. It is this music that is currently playing on the radio. Click on this line.
  4. We set the date and time of the song that was playing on the radio.
  5. Click the "Show" button.

What was playing on "Our Radio"

See which song is playing now, you can on the site "Our Radio". But the playlist of past melodies is found on the same music portal "Sea Radio".

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