Drawing flowers is a very pleasant experience. A person rests at work and enjoys the result. Today we will tell you how to draw a lily. This fragrant and exquisite flower is not difficult to draw.

  • First draw a circle that will form the basis for the middle of the flower. Now hover the line, cutting off the upper third of the circle. Draw a stem.
  • Now we start to draw each petal. Try, that they start and end in the area of ​​the line. The edges of the petals should be wavy, they are slightly curved outwards.
  • We continue to draw petals. We make them in two rows so that the rear ones look between those in the foreground. We detail each leaflet.
  • Since you can not quickly draw a lily with a pencil, do not miss the details. Draw long stamens. Their tips resemble hammers.
  • Draw a stem, we complement it with two leaves. In each we denote veins with light strokes.
  • Now you need to draw on each petal of a dot-droplets, in order to more accurately convey the appearance of a lily flower. However, before that, you should correct the irregularities and erase the extra strokes with the eraser.
  • You should get a posh tiger lily. Color it.

This lily is usually yellow-orange in color. Do not be too zealous with paint, so as not to hide under it the specks inherent in this flower. Stalk make a soft, green.

How to draw a lily

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