To learn how to represent complex figures,First you need to learn the basics. It is recommended to start with drawing animals. Today we learn how to draw a puppy, we will gradually consider the scheme of the image. We need a pencil, an eraser and a sheet of paper.

  1. The puppy will consist of geometric forms, more precisely, from their combination. First, draw a large circle for the head, and below - a smaller circle for the torso.
  2. Draw perpendicular lines (slightly curved) on the circle for the head 2, the points of intersection should be located not in the middle, but slightly to the left and below - the head of the puppy will be slightly turned to the left.
  3. Then, smoothly connect the head and trunk (draw the neck). Mark the dashes and paws with dashes.
  4. We return to the head. In the upper part, we mark the eyes, but we take into account that the head will be tilted slightly to the left.
  5. Now draw the nose, it should go beyond the contour of the head. We draw out the muzzle.
  6. Over the eyes we draw the superciliary arches, the crown(preferably volumetric), we proportionally represent the two ears (left and right). Finish drawing - draw a puppy's mouth. Here is a rough outline of how to draw a puppy in pencil.
  7. Next, we color our eyes, fill out the pupils, do notforget to leave a glare - so the dog will look more realistic. Then we pass to the trunk, we trace its contour and paws. Paws can be made a little more powerful, so the puppy will look cute.
  8. The final touch is the tail. Draw it up.

The puppy is ready. You can draw him details, shade the coat. Now you know how to draw a puppy, and you can explain to the kid the basics of his drawing. After making the last changes, erase the eraser with unnecessary lines. If desired, you can color the puppy with colored pencils.

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