One of the hard missions of the GTA is Taxi Driver. To fulfill a mission, you need to act quickly and confidently. Players are wondering how to work as a taxi driver in the GTA. It's simple: we steal a car and carry passengers. The main thing is to translate as many people as possible in a row. You can not worry about speed. The main problem is the cops. If they persecute someone, they violate the rules. When you collide with you, the "star" of the persecution lights up. As a reward you get a driving skill, money and accelerators. To pass it is necessary for 100% of the result. Similarly solved is the question of how to work in GTA 4 (you can not steal a car, the cops come at once, you need to call Roman). If you decide to go through a mission, you need to divorce 50 customers at a time. You need to know the following:

  • You can not leave the car. In advance, stock up on food, otherwise there may not be enough health to the middle.
  • To repair the machine you can use the workshop pay-n-spray.

There is still a legal way how to work in GTA. At the very beginning of the game you will be talking with Roman. He will offer to earn after you pass Easy Fare. Pick up the phone, select "Contacts" from the "Contacts" menu and call. The novel will tell you about the passenger and the destination. But you can work only in Roman's car. You can drive a car from the first person. After passing, you can also call him and call a taxi for yourself from anywhere in the city.

By the way, you can work as a taxi driver only at the very beginning. As soon as Roman's business is burned, there will be no more work.

In the game of missions with taxis more than 400 (all of themabsolutely unique). As soon as the route is activated, GPS navigation appears. The more speed, the more money. Now you know how you can work as a taxi driver in the GTA.

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