Reading is one of the most exciting optionsforwarding free time. What to esteem worthy? The answer to this question is not so unambiguous and depends on your literary preferences and preferences.

Modern possibilities of polygraphy and electroniccontent give the modern reader a chance to get acquainted with all sorts of masterpieces of classical and modern literature. And you can read a good book, as in an expensive cover, bought in a good bookstore, and in a budget version, downloading it an electronic version. Really good literature is now available to everyone. What is worth reading? This question is far from idle with such a wealth of choice of well-published literature.

If you want time-tested recipes, thenprobably, it is worth paying attention to the classical literature. The richness of the Russian language, the whole palette of human feelings, long-known heroes, colorfully described Russian landscapes - all this you will find in the works of L.Tolstoy. N. Turgenev, I. Goncharov, etc. You are attracted by the special psychology of the characters of the characters and the urban environment of the past centuries, then, most likely, your writer F. Dostoevsky.

Books that are worth reading, can be found in modern writers. Thus, the works of L. Ulitskaya, D. Granin, and others will open up to you the delights of modern literature.

It is impossible not to mention among contemporaries and V. Pelevin, whose work is marked by numerous literary prizes. Everyone knows the beautiful fiction of E. Grishkovets, subtle humor and a specific literary language which is recognizable among many authors of our time.

So that you do not read, the main thing is that you like it! Here is an approximate list of books that you should pay attention to:

  • L. Ulitskaya "The Case of Kukotsky"
  • V.Pelevin "Empire V"
  • E.Grishkovets "Footprints on Me"
  • F.Dostoyevsky "The Idiot"
  • L. Tolstoy "Anna Karenina"
  • I. Goncharov "Ordinary story"
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