Trainer - this is the name of the program, usuallyworking with the computer's RAM, which is designed to change the behavior of the game. What is a trainer for the game? In the eighties and nineties, they were built into the game code by hackers. And at the subsequent start, the trainer with a window was opened first, which asked - "Do you want to use cheats?", And after that the game code was executed. Signs of addition were used in the name of the trainer - one for each option. That is, it could look like this - a group of hackers for your attention: Game +++ (some three options, let's say immortality, teleportation and endless ammunition).

Now modern trainers run likea separate program. In their names they use one addition sign with some number of options already after it. That is, it might look like this: "CS Trainer + 12".

Can I defend myself against trainers? Yes, there is a chance for users. To do this, you need to create a special system of protection from trainers. All important game data is encrypted, or creates an encrypted copy. To bypass such serious protection, the process of disassembling the program will be required.

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