Sometimes there is not a simple desire, but a realneed, divide the video or film into several identical parts. "What is it for?", - the person will ask. And in order to burn a movie to disk, if it has a size much larger than the disk can fit. Also, such a need may arise if a person wishes to send a film to another user of the network by mail. Often email programs can not process large files, so you need to divide it into parts. Consider how to break a movie.

Split the file into parts

Ways to do this, in fact, very much. But, how to split the film into parts so that the quality is not lost in this, so that the video remains in the same format as before the beginning of the process. It turns out that there are special computer programs that are designed for this purpose. The simplest way to do this is with Movie Maker, which works with all operating systems, while the processing speed of information is much higher than that of other similar programs. Just select the desired fragment and click on the menu item "Crop". Then, save the file in the desired folder. With this program, you can easily split the film into pieces.

Also, a person can take advantage of the choicesuch programs: Boilsoft Video Splitter, VirtualDub, as well as Aurora Media WorkShop. Perhaps, for someone, the use of these programs will become more simple and enjoyable, it all depends on each person. Now you know how to split the film into pieces and will be able to share your knowledge with other people.

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