In the already considered cult game World ofWarcraft, in addition to the characters you choose directly for the game, there are also pets who are assistants in combat and passing. If you know how to tame the pet correctly, then you can use all the functionality of its characteristics. Especially in difficult moments of the game, such help will not be superfluous.

Basic requirements for domestication

  • The character must be no lower than the fifth level, otherwise the properties for taming pets will be inactive.
  • Help in the matter of domestication can a special spell - "Training of fighting pets." It is worth this spell and the training of pets themselves for fighting and shadowing 80 gold.
  • For proper training, mentors are needed. This is Varzok and Audrey Burnhel.
  • In addition to pets, you must have one satellite to participate in battles.
  • The pet control interface is opened by clicking on the corresponding icon, or with the standard Shift + P combination. In addition to the pets, this tab will also display your transport.
  • In the tab "Atlas of pets" you will see a full list of your combat assistants, their scores and participation in the battles, as well as the resurrection function.

Pet management

  • So, after you become familiar with how to tame a pet in WoW, you can start learning it.
  • To begin to gain experience, you can find a combatpet of another player or wild untamed, and arrange a fight. The enemy is found using the "Tracking" menu, including the "Pet Tracking" option.
  • Above each pet on the mini - map and on the ordinary, there is a distinctive icon. Clicking on it and turning on the beacon, you initiate the fight.
  • After an unsuccessful battle, there is a need to givehis pet to restore strength for a new fight. For this, a resurrection spell is usually used, which helps your pet to regenerate completely. For the opportunity to use the spell, you need to pay.
  • Although there is a free way. This so-called. a pet bandage, it can be obtained by performing small daily quests.

Characteristics of pets

  • If you already have several combat pets withlevel above the third, then you can catch the enemy pet with a higher level and tame it. But how to find and where to tame the enemy's pet? Usually with the help of tracking you can find a pet that is not next to his "master" and initiate a fight. If you lower his health to 35%, you can activate the trap and catch someone else's pet.
  • So the main thing for a pet is health andability to regenerate. If the pet has such characteristics, then it will recover faster after the battles and will be able to increase its experience and get new levels more often and faster.
  • The strength indicator indicates the damage thatable to inflict your battle satellite. The higher the damage, the greater the chance of completing the battle with your victory. Depends damage caused by the type of defense and attack your pet.
  • Speed ​​is a measure of movement and attack. The higher the speed, the more opportunities for attack. "High-speed" pets are used to track and catch the enemy's pets.
  • Before you tame a pet, it is worth remembering that further experience is acquired fairly routinely. It is necessary to regularly initiate battles with other pets so that the indicator of experience increases.
  • After the experience reaches a certain mark, your pet is assigned a new level. Sometimes the map changes to gain experience. The highest level for pets is the 25th.
  • There are four basic qualities of pets - low, rare, ordinary and unusual. The most powerful are pets of rare quality, their capacity is much higher than that of other pets of the same level.
  • Each of the types of combat pets is resistant to damageone type of enemy pets, and has no protection over another type. Characteristics of the types are seen near the pets themselves. If you clearly know the properties of your pet type, you can know against which opponents the damage will be most effective.
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