The film "Twilight" is a fantastically exciting drama about the love of an ordinary girl and a vampire. The film is filmed on the basis of very popular books by Stephanie Meyer.

Many people are interested in the question, how many Twilight movies in all? We will not only help answer this question, but also briefly describe each of them.

  1. The first film, entitled "Twilight" (Twilight)was presented in November 2008. In this part of the film, the audience gets to know the main characters Bella and Edward, and it is here, between them the impossible love arises.
  2. The second film is "Twilight. Saga - New Moon "viewers also saw in November, but exactly a year later - in 2009. In this part of the saga, Edward, unwilling to expose Bella to danger, throws it, so that he himself almost dies.
  3. The third film is "Twilight. Saga - Eclipse "admirers could see only in six months, (June 2010), he told us about the love triangle between Bella - Edward, and Bella - Jacob (childhood friend of Bella).
  4. The fourth film, entitled, "Twilight. Saga - Dawn "(the first part), the audience could see in November 2011. In this film, the main characters marry, Bella becomes pregnant with a vampire cub, and she herself becomes a vampire.
  5. The fifth film: "Twilight. Saga-Rassvet "(the second part), was released in November 2012. In this, the final part of all the beloved Saga, the main characters and their loved ones want to destroy the Volturi (the supreme vampire clan) .The battle is scheduled for Dawn.
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