For a long time, optical disks arepopular media, but most people only know DVD and CD-ROM, but in fact, the types of disks are much larger. Let's try to figure out, for example, on which discs to record a movie?

Basically, all the disks are divided by their capacity:

  1. CD-ROMs allow you to record a movie in the size of 650 - 700 MB;
  2. DVD-ROM drives make it possible to save the movie from 4.7 to 17.1 gigabytes.
  3. Dual Disc combines the formats of DVD and CD discs, when a sound is written on one surface in the CD format, and on the other - DVD video.
  4. HD DVD disks have a capacity of up to 15 gigabytes, and a two-layer version of 30 GB.
  5. Blu-ray Disc can accommodate a movie size of 23 - 66 GB.

Among other things, DVDs can be divided into the following types:

  1. DVD-5 - is a one-sided single-layer disc with a capacity of 4.7 gigabytes;
  2. DVD-9 is a one-sided two-layer disc with a capacity of 8.5 gigabytes;
  3. DVD-10 - is a two-sided single-layer disc, the capacity of which is already 9.4 gigabytes;
  4. DVD-14 is a two-sided disc, which is one-layer and two-layer on the one hand, on the other, with a total capacity of 13.24 gigabytes;
  5. DVD-18 is a two-sided double-layer disc, leading in capacity of 17.1 gigabytes.

To finally understand on which discs you can record movies several times, you should consider the existing disc markings:

  1. On the discs with the inscription "ROM" the film has already been recorded, and you can only watch it, but you can not re-record the disc;
  2. on R-blanks you can record a movie once, but you can not erase or change it;
  3. RW-labeled discs allow you to rewrite movies.
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