As a rule, children do not yet have so many pocketmoney to buy a dear mother's mom. Do not be upset, because everyone knows that the best gift for someone is the one that is made by themselves. For example, a drawing. Here, the birthday of my mother is approaching, but the gift is not yet selected, draw it to her. What should Mom draw?


Mom draws landscapes. A lucky drawing will decorate her room or become a beautiful addition to her desk. Family photo on the table is no longer relevant, but the picture in a beautiful frame will remind you and keep the festive mood until the next birthday. Landscapes calm the nerves, they adjust to the lyric mode. They are not intrusive, they will approach any situation. And they are much easier to draw than portraits.


If you are confident in your abilities, draw a portraithis mother. Just take a photo of her. With a photo, it's much easier to draw than from a living person. And besides, such a portrait will be the most pleasant surprise for Mom's birthday. You can depict the whole family. Looking at such a picture, your mother will always remember that she is loved and appreciated.

Animals and still lifes

For those who are not so confident in themselves that wouldtake up a portrait, but does not want to draw landscapes, there is a compromise option. You can paint a beautiful still life on paper. Still lifes have always been considered a sign of elegance. Imagine how such a picture will decorate her room or desk. Still it is possible to draw your pet if it is a favorite of all family. Of course, here there are some difficulties. Many domestic animals are very active and they are difficult to force to sit for a long time in one place, especially in not changing the posture. But you again will come to the aid of photography.

What can I draw to my mother? Now you know at least three options. Take a brush in your hand and make your mother the most original and expensive gift. And after about ten or fifteen years, accidentally discovering your children's drawing in my mother's album, you remember with a smile that the best way to say how much you love a person is to draw a drawing for him.

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