Summer - it's time for rest, vacation and idleness. The sun is baking, too lazy to move, too lazy to go out into the street. the body is tired of winter, from high loads and so wants to relax. But few people are attracted to absolute idleness. An interesting book has all the chances to brighten up the day on the beach or evening on the veranda of the villa. So what to read in the summer?

Hardly, it is necessary to take on the classicalliterature. With all its merits, on a hot summer day or on a pleasant summer evening, it will only catch up on you longing. Classics are books for winter and autumn. Summer requires rich subjects, easy style, small finished works. For the summer, a detective or adventure novel is perfect.

Fortunately, now the question is what to read in the summer, notrests in the absence of literature. There are many books for everyone. Naturally, it is difficult to navigate in this book ocean. In this case, our article will outline an approximate course in a sea of ​​detectives, romance novels and humorous essays.


Perfectly suitable for reading during the holidaysbooks by Daria Dontsova. Easy humor, dashingly twisted plot, pleasant syllable - her works have all the advantages necessary for a book that will brighten up any rest. Admirers of an intellectual genre will approach not aging works of the queen of a genre Agatha Christie. Her detectives are slow, intricate, elegant. Dimensional style of the story will enjoy every step of the investigation. Ideal for summer evenings and rocking chairs.


Fans of classical literature for summerit is better to choose an adventure genre. Here to the services of the discerning reader and the pearl of world literature, and domestic works. From Alexandre Dumas to Alexei Tolstoy - adventures for every taste. This book picks up all the attention of the reader, makes, with bated breath, watching the heroes, whom he met in his youth. Despite the fact that the classic of adventure literature is familiar to everyone from childhood, it is not boring now to read it. Especially on a wonderful summer day. These books and cloudy weather will brighten up.


Lovers of melodramas, too, will not be left out. Romance novels in soft covers are a wonderful option for reading during the holidays. The modern market offers you a variety of options for love literature - from melodrama in an old Victorian style to erotic stories.

Fantasy, fantasy

Fans of the scientific approach will find an outlet forhimself in the works of Lukyanenko, Vasiliev, J. Martin and other science fiction writers. Complex intrigues, high technologies, intense subjects are modern fantasy and fantasy.

To schoolboys

But the schoolchildren are better in the summer to pay attention to the list of recommended literature for reading - this will greatly help during the school year.

What to read in the summer? This question is no longer complicated. We gave him the answer.

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