Very rarely you can hear the question of what to readteenagers, from the adolescents themselves. The game Internet surpasses on demand all other entertainments. Sad, but true. But books, reading, reflections on what has been read, is the main component of self-development, literate speech, ability to communicate, argue, defend one's point of view. Start reading books can help teenage parents. It is necessary to offer him such a book that he could not tear himself away from it.

First book

Ask the child what he is interested in moreall that he has already read. And try to interest him with themes from the genre of fantasy, he is very popular among children 12-16 years old. The first book can be your favorite book, for example, "Marakatova Abyss" by Conan Doyle. Consider in detail books of various genres that you can read to a teenager.


Invite the child to read Mark Twain, Dumas,Alexander Grin "Scarlet Sails", "Golden Chain", Bulgakov - from stories to "The Master and Margarita". He may also be interested in the works of Kaverin, Conan Doyle (the great "Sherlock Holmes" has not left anyone indifferent). Tolkien and Lewis like those who love fabulous, fantasy stories. And girls are always interested in Charlotte Bronte (start with "Jane Eyre"), "Korolek - birdie singing" Gyuntekin. And the humorous stories of Chekhov and Zoshchenko can read and laugh with your child! Young romantics like Mayakovsky's early poems, start with his immortal "Listen". The "little prince" of Antoine de Saint Exupery teens read with special pleasure, and then they quote all their lives.

To the classics can be attributed the works of Vladislav Krapivin. The first one can offer the teenager his book "Zhuravlenok and zippers". Kir Bulychev will capture his fantastic stories at 9 and 16.

Modern literature

Deciding which book to honor a teenager frommodern works, remember that there are a lot of authors here, but the quality of works can be very different. Therefore, use the advice of "grown-up children". Max Fry is read by all adolescents, fans of this writer, more precisely - a writer, a huge number all over the world. Joana Rowling does not need to be represented at all, many adults even read books about Harry Potter. Of the Russian authors, Ekaterina Matiushkina is very popular with her funny detectives (first read "Paws up or Cat Da Vinci"), Eleonora Ratkevich (trilogy about swords). Any works of Lukyanenko will intrigue a teenager, and he will ask to give him another reverence. And after the release of the "Twilight Saga" screens, many were fascinated by the reading of Stephanie Meyer's trilogy "Twilight", "New Moon" and "Eclipse."

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