Love is relevant at any age. It is indispensable and our soul always longs for love, whether it be novels, movies or life.

What to read about love; there are many stories in the world. But there are such authors and books, from which the heart stops.

Each of us wants to plunge into the life of our characters and see how it happens to them. Something to understand and try to find the answer, with the help of books.

Books about love

  • Nicholas Sparks is a famous American writermodernity. His novels are like destiny: unpredictable, beautiful and tragic. He writes about love, about eternity, about old age. With deep appreciation, respect and love; he describes tragic love. "Diary of Memory", "The Last Song", "Message in a Bottle" and other masterpieces by Nicholas Sparks.
  • "Jane Eyre" - this book became a bestseller andimmediately after the publication deserved the love of readers. Charlotte Bronte talks about the girl of a hard fate. About how she fights against injustice. And, having gone through all the hardships of life, love comes. This is a classic love affair. Among other novels Bronte - "Shirley", "Teacher", "Emma", "Town." If you want to know sincere love, this book is for you.
  • Another cult book that marked the beginningpsychological novel, feminist literature, as well as "elite prose" is "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. A book about how a strong woman, living in poverty, is unable to believe in the sincerity of a man's feelings. To the full, beauty and love are shown here, as well as pride that prevents love. But love is something light and it is called to melt prejudice and open the heart for love.

Each novel is beautiful in its own way. What can I read about love: there are still many wonderful books, such as "Orange Girl" by Justen Gordner "," Three Comrades "Remarque," Red and Black "Stendhal.

The book takes us to a world of dreams and fantasies and it always beckons. But also the book is designed to guide us on the path of the true and open our hearts to love.

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