Now the stores open all over the place. Many owners are thinking about how you can call a store.

In this article, we'll look at how to choose the name of the store, who should contact for help, which options can be used to solve this problem.

Developing a name for the store

  • It is not difficult to come up with a name for the store,so that these names do not coincide with the names of other stores. Therefore, first of all you need to take a directory, go online and look for the name that you came up with for your store. Most likely it turns out that such a name already exists. Therefore, in the development of the name it is important to be creative and at the same time not to forget about what your store is and what its target audience is;
  • it will be rather strange to call the name "Dear Clothes" for an elite clothing store;
  • often entrepreneurs resort to varioustricks, for example, entrust the development of names to employees, which in principle is a pretty good idea. You can also call for help from relatives or friends. Finally, you have the opportunity to go to any freelance exchange and announce a competition, the winner of which will be awarded a cash prize;
  • at the same time, if you have a sufficient budget, you can turn to specialized companies that are engaged in the development of brands and naming;
  • It is not recommended to use a name thatcopies foreign brands, partially changing them. Since this can cause mistrust of customers. So, for example, the brand Max Mara was copied. The clone was called Max Zara.

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