If in real life a cat is a fluffy andaffectionate pet, who wants to squeeze from the excess of tender feelings, then a cat in a dream is most often a bad sign, foreshadowing sad events. For example, you may dream of a biting cat - you do not even have to look at dream books to understand that this is a clear sign of aggression. However, if you dig deeper, you can find specific values. Let's talk about what the biting cat is dreaming about.

How to interpret a dream in which a cat bites?

If you are scratched or bitten by a cat in a dream, thenin real life expect gossip or illness. If the cat was a cat of a friend in reality, then you know that he is very offended at you - you need to talk with him, find out what's wrong.

If in a dream a cat bites someone else, it means that in reality you will feel bad or offended by someone.

If the cat in a dream behaves excessivelyaggressively, scratching and biting, then wait in real life for enemies who will stop at nothing to eventually dishonor you or bankrupt you. But if in a dream you can get rid of this cat, then nothing bad will happen.

If you dreamed of a cat jumping from behind a corner or from under a bushes, which rocks and attacks, then, as you already know, nothing good is expected - you are in for a different kind of trouble.

If you have witnessed a cat fight in a dream, then in real life there is a great chance of a night robbery.

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