Many interpreters do not agree on what the chicken eggs are dreaming about. Some argue that this is for well-being, others for anxiety.

Interpretation of sleep

If a woman in a dream sees eggs, it canreflect her experiences. Broken eggs symbolize a generous gift of fate. You can get a long-awaited career promotion and become a favorite of others. The nest with eggs is a harbinger of the approaching fateful encounter that will end with a happy marriage. A basket or a box of eggs says that in real life your business operations will be successful.

For a man a dream in which he sees chicken eggs,speaks about the big profit. But if you fell on an egg in a dream, and it broke, then wait for a big quarrel. The same value can have eggs in the nest.

If in a dream a man eats chicken eggs, then it speaks of his peace and well-being, if greedy and without measure - about the disease. Whole eggs dream about success, broken - to failure.

A dream in which one sees only a shell without eggs, speaks of unfulfilled dreams and hopes.

In addition, some commentators state that eggs are the beginning of a new life, liberation from pressing problems.

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