In accordance with the rules of good tone, you need to look into the person's face. But why is it sometimes uncomfortable or unwilling to look into the eyes of a person? There are reasons for this, consider them in more detail.

Esoterics argue that the eyes are not justthe organ of vision, and the window into the human soul, through which energy is exchanged between the interlocutors. This energy can be not only positive, but also negative, which, in turn, can cause illness. It should also be mentioned that there are people who are called "energy vampires". They are able not only to exchange energy, but also to absorb it, which again can lead to diseases, decline of forces and various misfortunes. It is not worth talking to such people. If there is no way out, then at least do not look at the interlocutor in the eyes and cross your legs or hands while communicating.

There are also superstitions explaining why it is impossiblelook into the eyes. Like many years ago, people of old age and not only believe that if you look into the eyes of another person, you can take on the look of a malevolent person. And this, in turn, can lead to illness or trouble. Also, do not look into your own eyes, as this leads to loss of strength and premature aging.

Psychologists say that energy is transmitted througheyes. To establish a trusting relationship, you can look into the eyes. Moreover, psychologists have established that direct contact contributes to a positive outcome of the meeting.

It is not recommended to look into the eyes of animals, since they perceive it as a challenge or a threat and can attack.

But look into the eyes of young children, not onlyit is possible, but also necessary. Especially parents, because through the eyes the parent's connection with the child is established. If the baby is limited to such communication, then soon he may have a sense of uselessness, and the development process will be prolonged.

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