It is always useful to know the meaning of your dreams - sometimes they can predict the future. Today, let's talk about what the chicks dream about.

To dream of chicks as a symbol of life andrenewal - to the beneficial, joyful changes in life. Nestling is a sign of readiness for new achievements. To see several newly hatched chicks or to watch how they are born, means family well-being, the birth of a child. To see the nest is also to family happiness and material prosperity. Such a dream says that family and children are the main thing in life for you.

If in a dream you see a bird and chicks, then in yourNeed more help from more experienced people. If the chick is alone, without a mother, then you are ready for independent action - boldly get down to business, you will be accompanied by success.

To kill a nestling means to destroy your happiness with your ownsame hands. Seeing such a dream, you need to stop and think seriously about your decisions. On the contrary, to save a chick, to nurture him means to achieve by his own hands well-being, which will not keep you waiting.

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