Our dreams are full of different images, and many peoplebelieve that these images carry a certain meaning. But how to interpret the dream? How to understand what this or that image means? For these purposes at different times people made dream-books. A dream book is a special book, in which interpretations of various objects and events from dreams are collected.

Why does the bird dream? What events portend this image?

Interpretation of sleep with a bird

According to the dreamer Felomen:

  • A bird in a dream symbolizes creative inclinationsrights. Dreams with birds warn of important events in a person's life. But basically these events will be positive and will bring to the person only good experiences and good changes in life.
  • If a bird dreams of a woman, she is pregnant with a speedy pregnancy (a little bird - a girl will be born). If a woman already has a family, then she is in for a lot of happiness, connected with her family.
  • Dead bird means that soon your life will end a problematic stage and then you will find happiness and success.
  • Also, the bird means that soon you will be able to fulfill your old dream.

But apart from positive interpretations, there are alsoNegative, which foreshadow a variety of troubles. Basically, this applies to dreams in which a person eats a bird. Such dreams foreshadow problems with joints. But to prevent them is quite simple - eat one boiled chicken bone before bed and you will cease to see such dreams. Also problems with joints will disappear.

  • The white bird dreams of a hopeless and unrequited love.
  • A fat, well-fed bird dreams of any negative acquaintance with unpleasant people.
  • If a woman had a dream, where the birds fought, then soon she will quarrel with a friend, colleague or relative. If such a dream had a dream for a man, women from his entourage will quarrel.
  • Very loud birds singing dreams of quarrel.
  • The bird in the cage dreams either of profit or of various troubles.

If you are interested in the meaning of dreams with specific species of birds, see the article What dreams of birds.

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