If you saw a puppy in a dream, then the interpretation of this dream depends on what the puppy does in a dream. Some people say that he dreams about getting to know each other, and others - to deceit.

Let's take a closer look at what the little puppy is dreaming about.

The Meaning of a Dream

A puppy playing in a dream can testify tothat in the near future you can be deceived or betrayed by friends. Sleeping puppy for a woman means rapprochement with your relatives or children who are younger than you. A affectionate little puppy can portend a meeting with a loved one or the return of a former love. Playing with a puppy is a gift prediction that you will receive after a while from a loved one.

If a girl in a dream acquires a puppy, then she will have to solve a large number of small problems that will occupy all free and working hours.

Calm and affectionate puppy means that you are surrounded by kind and sympathetic friends and relatives. Barking and throwing puppy - a harbinger of quarrels and disappointments.

A small dog means small troubles, bustle and unforeseen worries.

Being in a small puppy's dream testifies to your tiredness from life and problems, you need to relax and retire.

In addition, if you want to purchase a smallpuppy or you have it in the apartment, then the dream in which you see it can indicate your emotions and experiences. Therefore, we should not look for an interpretation of this dream.

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