In a dream, a person can see anything, because it is not known how the subconscious will react to certain events that have happened to the sleeper during the past day.

From our article you can find out what the earthworms are dreaming about.

What can earthworms dream about?

It should immediately be noted that worms, even rain- bad sign. The person who saw them in a dream is waiting for trouble and loss. The dreamer should later look at his surroundings and try not to trust people, except for friends. After all, they can betray him for personal gain.

What do earthworms promise a woman?

If a woman in a dream saw a ball of rainworms, she needs to be careful, because soon a whole series of troubles will follow. If a lady wormed, worms creeping on the ground, then she will suffer because of her frivolity. You need to be more responsible and serious about your business.

See yourself in a dish of earthworms andtry to kill them - to a hidden enemy that will harm a woman, and she will suspect in all the troubles of a completely different person. If you want to find the real culprit, you should pay attention to a man who is very close to you.

What does the earthworm foretell for man?

If a man has a vision of earthwormsto interpret sleep you need a little in another way. This symbol speaks of his desire for material goods. He will get what he dreams about, but he will lose his soul. Kill worms in a dream - to a meeting with a man who will try to drag a dreamer into a sect.

If a man dreamed that he was fishing for a earthworm, soon he would have paranormal abilities. However, he should not be afraid of them, one must accept his gift with gratitude.

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