Earrings are traditionally associated with certainsuccesses on the life path, such as pure love, profit, good work or pleasant news. But from how the earrings are presented in the plot of your dream, the analogy can be completely different - gossips, envy, robbery, and deception are possible.

Here are some examples from the dream books about what the earrings look like.

  • If you are looking for ear rings in a dream, then it is possible that you will be robbed.
  • Dreamed broken earrings? Your envious people dissolve gossip.
  • If the dream stones in the earrings are glass, then in reality you will be deceived.
  • If you put on earrings in a dream, then pure love awaits you.
  • If you dreamed of earrings and you are pregnant in reality, then a girl will be born.
  • Earrings in a dream have precious stones? In reality, this means pleasant worries and troubles.
  • If you see earrings in a dream, then a wedding or fun is possible.

Now you know what the earrings look like.

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