In our dreams we can meet completely different animals. Often, these animals, as well as their actions, foreshadow certain events in our lives. So, what do the animals dream about?

  • To defeat an aggressive beast in a dream is to win a victory in a life in a situation;
  • The beast overcomes you - to false friends and their negative actions;
  • To see in a dream a herd of animals is a sign of a good end to business and prosperity;
  • To feed the animal is a sign of luck and hope;
  • If you are talking to an animal in a dream, expect an unusual event in life. Remember the words of the animal, this can be a useful clue;
  • If you see in a dream some strange, maybenon-existent, animals - know that this is for unusual news or events in your life. And they will surprise you as much as you were surprised by these strange animals in a dream;
  • To pet wild animals is a difficult adventure in life;
  • Ironing pets - to pacify in real life;
  • If you are bitten by an animal in a dream - to deceit;
  • The roar of an animal is for bad news.
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