Tomatoes are one of the most kind and positive signs in a dream. To explain in more detail, what dreams of tomatoes, you can, specifying details of sleep.

If you just saw the tomatoes - it means that you are lucky in your affairs. And if in a dream you ate tomatoes, then you do not have to worry about your health - you have everything right with him.

Growing tomatoes in the garden promise in the near futuretime pleasant, joyful news. If you observe the growth of tomatoes in a dream, then you will achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. And if you dreamed of green tomatoes, then to achieve success will have to make an effort. This means that you have to sweat, but the result will surpass all expectations. If you grow tomatoes in a dream, take care of them - then your efforts in real life will pay back a hundredfold.

If a girl or woman in a dream saw tomatoes - this is a sign to her that a period has come for a favorable acquaintance and for a happy marriage. Marriage will be durable, reliable and durable.

Now you know what the tomatoes are dreaming about.

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