Turning to the interpreters of dreams, you can find out thatthe parrot, chattering in a dream, symbolizes useless, empty, meaningless occupations and frivolity of actions. If the parrot is silent or asleep, it means a quiet, family life, proceeding in full harmony.

To get a deeper understanding of the question, what does it dream aboutparrots, you need to look at the examples. A parrot in a dream can mean that a middle-aged woman will annoy advice and interfere with your life unceremoniously, it can be your mother. If you teach a parrot in a dream, then personal troubles are possible. A dead parrot can mean the loss of a friend. If you feed a parrot, then you feed gossip or marry her. If the parrot dreamed in a cage, then minor, annoying troubles are possible.

If you are tuned to a specific event, andexpect its results, and you dreamed of a parrot. Show your imagination and correlate the act of the parrot in a dream with the expected result. Most likely, you can figure it out.

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