A bird often marks the receipt of news orthe arrival of guests. Birds, hanging out the window or flying into the house - people interpret these events differently. And what does the bird dream about? And does the meaning of sleep depend on the species of the bird or what is the most important thing that has dreamed ?.

What does the bird dream about: the importance of different species of birds

  • Sparrows symbolize cares, doubts and anxieties.
  • Pigeon in a dream promises family and love happiness, joy and success in business. Pigeon marks the reciprocity of feelings.
  • Dreaming raven acts as a symbol of insidiousness and cruelty from enemies.
  • The crow warns of greed, perhaps theft.
  • Goose warns of stupid actions.
  • If you dreamed a woodpecker - be careful and vigilant; If necessary, show perseverance.
  • Cranes or cuckoo in a dream signify loneliness.
  • The swallow is the forerunner of news from the house.
  • A dream about swans means affection and true love. Perhaps - the discovery of some mystery.
  • Eagle means a quick reaction, strength.

Interpretation of dreams about birds

  • To see birds in a dream is about profit or success, but it can also mean gossip.
  • To give birds food for anguish in a dream. Perhaps you need a new society or you are looking for new acquaintances.
  • To hear the singing of birds in a dream - conversations with friends.
  • The Russian dream book answers about what the dead birds are dreaming about. Strangely enough - to the joy.
  • Choke a bird in a dream - wait for change.
  • Flying birds signify welfare. A bird caught in a dream speaks of real luck.
  • Dreaming a bird in a cage - you can outwit others.
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