Motor transport, it happens, dreams even those who do nothas it at all or has a temporary relationship to it. Here, for example, the ambulance, dreams of trouble at work and career advancement, and if you sit behind her wheel, somewhere you made a major mistake, and you need to reconsider the recent decisions. What does the car dream about, and how to relate to such a dream, if you do not have it in reality?

  • In general, the machine in a dream symbolizes ourown spiritual body. If you have a fault in the car, it means inconvenient situations in life. For example, if you are driving in a car with misted glasses, it symbolizes the fact that you are trying hard not to notice any problems, which will later put you in difficulties. If the machine overheats the radiator, - slow down the pace of life and rest, otherwise you will soon be seriously overwrought.
  • There are also unpleasant dreams associated with accidents. Is there a difference in the interpretation of what is dreaming, a car hit by you or your friend? Usually, if you have suffered, it is to trouble and to misfortunes, primarily related to health. But if the participant in the accident is your friend, this is an occasion to worry about your joint business. If you dreamed of a car accident with sparks and fire - this is to a major quarrel and to the shattered hopes.
  • But in the question of what is the dream of drivingmachine, the answer is twofold. This is a danger to life, if in reality you do not know how to drive a car. However, if you are an experienced driver, then this is to restless, nervous work, which will result in an indispensable success for you.
  • In itself, the machine that has dreamed to you, does not foretell anything bad - it symbolizes new beginnings, perhaps even success in them.
  • Every single detail of the car dreams of difficulties in your endeavors, but also promises support from the family and friends.
  • A broken car dreams of leaving for a long time someone of close friends. An old, rusty machine says that your enemies will be able to equip their lives faster than you.
  • The fire truck dreams of troubles and troublesfor some annoying business. If you are driving a fire engine yourself in a dream, refuse to do anything that worries you. Your intuition is right, and they lead to trouble and loss.
  • But if you see a typewriter or sewing machine in a dream - it's the other way round, promises forgotten disputes and rapid favorable development of the business started.
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