Many users are gaining popularityAndroid platform introduces the stupor of installing applications and games. In fact, this process is not at all complicated, and right now we'll figure out how to install games on Android.

Install on Android simple games

Of course, the most famous method for installing gameson Adroid - use of the service from the Google Android market. To install games and applications on your device, you need to run the preinstalled Market program, select the game you are interested in in the list of games and click the "Install" button. More clearly, how to install the games on Android, in the video. You can easily find them on the Internet.

Android games are free - no problem. The main thing is to download the game files themselves, and then proceed to the algorithm below:

  1. Go to Menu - Settings - Applications.
  2. We set a "tick" in front of "Unknown sources".
  3. We connect our androidophone to the PC.
  4. Now, from the computer, we move the games to the android device to any folder.
  5. We remove our device from the computer (we interrupt the connection).
  6. Using any file manager, you need to find the same folder in which we moved the game.
  7. In the folder with the game we are looking for the APK-file of the android-game itself. Open it!
  8. In the pop-up menu, click "Install" or "Install".

You have installed a simple game on Android, congratulations!

Installing games with a cache for Android

But there is another type of game, to which also cached files are attached. As a rule, these are massive and powerful games, often shooters or simulators of auto racing.

How to install the game with the cache on Android

It is necessary to do all those actions, as forsimple games, adding only moving the cache to a special folder. This folder (its address) can be found in the description of the game. We list the exact folder addresses for the most common game publishers on Android:

  • Studio Gameloft, folder address: sdcard / gameloft / games / the name of your game.

  • Games for Android, released by Electronic Arts, their cache is stored in: sdcard / Android / data - the name of the necessary game for Android.
  • Games from other developers store the cache, usually at the address: sdcard / data / data / name of the game.

So, we learned how to install games on Android!

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