For high-quality and comfortable designor 3D-modeling and the beginner, and the professional needs the appropriate software. If you are looking for a platform for creating your projects, pay attention to BricsCAD.

Today it is the world leader of DWG CAD,with which you can solve various design problems at a highly professional level. BricsCAD is translated into 17 languages ​​and is actively used in 70 countries. World leaders Audi, Siemens, Volkswagen noted and appreciated the performance, compatibility and reliability of this CAD system and actively use it.

BricsCAD is the only system in the worldautomated management, working with the format .dwg files for the design of metal parts, drawing, 3D modeling and working with BIM projects. It is used in Linux, Windows and MacOS.

The program has the following advantages:

  • A permanent license for the buyer, the second is given for free. Edina for Windows, Mac and Linux;
  • You do not need to make a mandatory subscription;
  • Storage in the Cloud - 1 Gb;
  • Free SPDS module;
  • Guarantee of fast and high-quality technical support;
  • Buy BricsCAD can be priced from 28,000 rubles.


BricsCAD at the moment has about 400Application, with which you can expand the capabilities of the main platform. Application developers use various options for programming BricsCAD (SDS, LISP, NET, COM, VBA, ARX (BRX)) to port products that were previously available exclusively to AutoCAD.

Applications are very diverse, refer tovarious types of design and cover new, including engineering, architectural and civil engineering, GIS. The number of these applications is constantly growing, while each increases the functions of the platform and makes it more attractive for different users.

Technical support

BricsCAD has a high-quality and efficienthigh-tech support. Everyone can be sure that all problems will be corrected, and all issues are resolved on time. Helpdesk staff quickly and qualitatively help their customers - you will receive answers no later than the next business day. Technical support is available anywhere in the world.

The support service is attentive tocomments and wishes of customers, finds and fixes shortcomings, and this positively affects the quality of the program. A new version of BricsCAD is released quarterly, in which new functions are collected and new amendments and updates are introduced. Each time the platform becomes more functional and professional.

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