The appearance in computers of the opportunity to work withmultimedia largely predetermined the widespread use of the latter as a home entertainment center. Few users imagine their lives without music, and a personal computer or laptop provides all the possibilities for playing music.

In addition to the hardware components that processThe sound, sound quality and level of ease of playback control are predetermined by the audio players. The most interesting modern solutions for playing music will be discussed below.


Music players
The AIMP program was created by Russiandevelopers and is one of the most popular solutions for playing sound on a PC. The player is characterized by a simple very convenient interface and at the same time a wide functionality.

The features of AIMP are:

  • Convenient library;
  • A simple algorithm for playing audio files;
  • Equalizer with support for preset profiles,
  • The effects manager, which can be superimposed on audio recording;
  • A simple action planner;
  • Audio convector;
  • Internet radio.

About many functions of the player you can learn from the video review:

Foobar 2000

Music players
To one of the best tools for playingmusical compositions on the PC can be attributed player Foobar 2000. The application works great in all current versions of Windows, undemanding to resources and is perfect for those users who prefer the minimalism in the interface of the software tools used.

The main features of Foobar 2000, which you should pay attention to are:

  • Flawlessly clean sound;
  • Support for all popular audio formats;
  • The possibility of extracting files from RAR and ZIP archives during playback;
  • Functionality, allowing you to create playlists;
  • Support for DVD Audio formats, as well as losses;
  • The possibility of setting the "hot keys".

Overview showing all the features of the application:


Music players
Advanced music lovers will appreciatefeatures JetAudio player. Many note some inconvenience and non-obvious interface, but they use the application due to the presence in JetAudio of many useful functions.

The most frequently used features that are used by the users of the player are:

  • An Internet connection feature, such as YouTube;
  • Convenient library;
  • Cropping audio files;
  • Record audio in online mode;
  • The converter of formats of files of audio;
  • Function of creating texts of audio compositions.

Details about the functionality of JetAudio can be found by watching the video:


The Clementine media player is very user-friendly anda functional player that almost perfectly meets the requirements of a modern user and computer. Functions that highlight the application among competitors are the ability to search for audio files in cloud services, as well as the ability of the player to download music from VKontakte. A more extensive list of players on

Among other things, the advantages presented by Clementine include:

  • Flexible music library;
  • Equalizer with a wide list of presets;
  • Converter of formats;
  • The possibility of recording optical disks;
  • The function that allows you to organize remote control of the media player.

The detailed work with the program is demonstrated in the video:

Of course, not all are presented abovesoftware solutions that allow you to play audio files, but only the most interesting and functional. Summarizing, we can say that choosing a player for music on the PC to your taste to date does not provide any difficulties.

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