With the emergence of social networks, the demand forprofessional photo shoots increased at times. And this is not surprising - all want to show off beautiful photos. However, not everyone can afford the services of a good photographer. Fortunately, even the most common pictures can be turned into works that can impress others. All that is needed for this - a simple, but multifunctional program for working with photos "Home Photo Studio." In the text below we will review the basic tools of the software and give practical recommendations for image processing.

Photo processing

Home Photo Studio is a photo editor for homewith a rich arsenal of functions necessary for editing graphics for beginners and "experienced" users. With it, adjust the brightness, contrast, adjust the hue and saturation of photos, as well as make correction of the lighting of the original image is not difficult. "Advanced" users will appreciate the work with levels and curves.

Home photo studio

Menu with basic tools for image enhancement in "Home Photo Studio"

But the listed functions are not all that canoffer a program. In addition to them in the application there is a selection of commands that can eliminate all the defects in the photo. Using them, you can easily save your favorite photos from the red-eye effect, and fix too pale, dark or light images, remove unnecessary noise, add clarity and adjust colors.

Home photo studio

Correcting the lighting of a picture in the "Home Photo Studio"

Adding special effects

The program for working with photos allowsto colorize the image, to add light, geometric, natural effects. Just two clicks - and the photo may appear stars, rain, snow, thunder, fire and other elements. It is also easy to perform the stylization and turn the picture into an "old" photo, a pencil drawing, etc. This will transform the image and make you look at the familiar things from a new angle.

Home photo studio

The catalog of effects of "Home Photo Studio", the effect of "Ancient Photography"

Also in the effects catalog there are various artistic and optical processing styles, HDR effects, using which you can emphasize the details of the photo and focus on the shadows.

Home photo studio

One variation of the effect HDR

Particular attention should be paid to the "Effectminiatures ", capable of turning a photo into a" toy "picture. To add it, you need to select the part that will become the "center", and after the software itself will make all the edits on the photo.

Home photo studio

Miniature Effect

Decoration photos

Want to merge several photos on oneCanvas? In the application, you can quickly replace an unsuccessful background with any other color, gradient, texture from the software catalog or a picture from a PC, and also combine several photos with each other using the photomontage function. All the added elements after can be freely moved on the canvas and set up a "blending mode".

Home photo studio

Replacing the background of a photo in an application with another one

Also, the processed photo can be supplementeda clip from the collection of the program and add a beautiful frame for it, in the role of which can act frameworks and masks from the software catalog. If you do not want to overload the image elements, then use vignetting and just darken the boundaries of the picture.

Home photo studio

Vignetting Photos

Where can I download?

The processed image can then be saved tocomputer in any format or immediately printed on paper using a home printer. Already now you can download the program for working with photos, install it on your computer and start editing your own pictures. You can download the installer from the official product page -http: //homestudio.su/download.php.

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