Have you ever had a situation when you accidentallysaw a video, for example, advertising on TV, and the composition that played in it sunk into your soul. You would like to listen to the whole track, but you do not know the name of the performers or the name of the song itself. Do not be in a hurry to get upset! In this article, we will describe several ways how to find a song from a video, even if you do not know its name and artist.


Perhaps the most popular service formusic recognition is a Shazam application. This application stores an incredibly large database of music compositions of different styles and formats from all corners of the world. All you need to do to use it is to install this application on your smartphone and include a piece of audio or video, the name of which you are interested in. The application will record a small fragment of the song through the microphone of your device, and then compare it with the tracks in the database.

The application runs on Android platforms,Apple iPhone iOS, BlackBerry OS and with Windows. In addition to the artist's name and artist name, Shazam can also provide you with lyrics, give links to a video for this song and other related videos, and give recommendations on what else you should listen to.


Another popular application for recognitionof music - SoundHound. It can be downloaded from both the site of the manufacturer itself, and in the AppStore, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and in the BlackBerry World absolutely free. To do this, simply enter the name of the application in the search.

Unlike Shazam, the application can alsoto recognize singing. So, you do not need to look for a video in which you heard a particular melody - just sing it in SoundHound. You can also type or print a piece of the lyrics. According to the data published on the site, now the application is already used by more than 250 million users.

What if I do not want to install the application?

If you do not want for one songinstall an application, you can use the old good search in Google or any other search engine. To do this, you need to know the fragment of the lyrics of the song or at least something about it is sung.

There are also thematic forums wherepeople help each other to find their favorite songs. In particular, many people are trying to find a song from the video VKontakte. If the search for audio recordings does not work, you can ask for help in one of the many music search groups, for example here: MusicFinder.

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