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How to shoot with a video camera?

To become a good videographer, fewto buy a camera, you still need to learn the tricks and subtleties of this case and learn how to shoot a video camera to get a high-quality image. More information about the process of filming and the equipment itself can be found in the article How to take home video.

Tips for Beginners: How to Use a Camcorder

Obtaining the status of a great video guru quickly and without difficulty does not work, but following our advice, you will be able to get close to the cherished goal.

  • Imagine that the camera is a continuation of yourlook. When you focus your vision on some subject, then do not make sharp jumps - "pictures" transmitted from the eye to the brain, change smoothly and in stages. The same thing you need to do with the camera, making a smooth transition and without making sudden movements.
  • To make the image static and stable,Use a tripod during shooting or place the camera on a hard surface. At first, it helps to fight with the trembling of hands, arising from inexperience and lack of necessary skills. Also, it will not be superfluous to include such a function of a video camera, as an image stabilizer.
  • Get a zoom (better optical) and useit in the process of video shooting. Approach only those objects that carry a semantic load and impose the desired imprint on the material you are shooting. Unreasonable use of the zoom tires when watching a finished video.
  • To improve the quality of shooting, you will needbacklight and light diffuser. They can be purchased at a specialized store or made independently (a flashlight with a plastic circle attached to it).
  • Mixing fluorescent and artificial light is not recommended. This can greatly distort the colors and make the image unnatural.
  • When shooting against the light, use your backlight - you will get a damping counter-light.
  • When taking a close-up, do not make sharp movements of the camera, lead it smoothly from one object to another.
  • Special effects and voice comments addonly after the end of filming in the finished movie. You can do this while processing it on the computer. This approach will help you control the process, changing the nuances in the process.

Other tips for a novice operator will be provided by our article How to Use a Camcorder.

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