It often happens that a process in Windowsfor quite some time, it is processed, and then many users think about how to hide this process. Consider a couple of ways that will help to do this.

  • The first and simplest of these is to go intoWindows Task Manager. To do this, press the "hot" keys Ctrl + Alt + Del, after which the dispatcher will appear. Next, in the list of this window, you need to find a child window that contains the names of all currently occurring processes in the OS and remove the required process from this list.
  • In addition, you can use a specialprogram, for example, WinHide.SB, which can be downloaded from the network. This program allows you to selectively hide application and process windows, can hide any pop-up windows (for example, the antivirus window, notification window, etc.), hides programs from the task manager. Also WinHide.SB is convenient for those people who want to hide processes from their eyes on their computer, since this program creates a so-called "anti-boss" button on the taskbar, when you click, windows and processes that the user added to the list are closed.

But when the application "hangs" or in its work is no longer needed, and the process still does not end, you can use other methods. About them read in the article How to kill the process.

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